Shipping POLICY

What’s the last date for entries?

The last date for entries is the Friday before the event.

How do I get my Race number?

Please bring your entry confirmation email.You will collect your race number on the day at registration.

I am ill injured or unable to run, what can I do?

You can defer your entry to any other Inspire Races event of a similar price. Please email with the race details you would like to defer to.

Can I swap my place with a friend?

You can transfer your place up to two weeks prior to the event.

Do you have a waiting list?


Can I wear earphones or use an ipod?

You can wear headphones to any event that does not use public roads.

How do I enter a Corporate Team?

Please contact to arrange a group discount booking.

Is there a cut-off time for your events?

We do not have cut off times.

How do I enter Inspire races events?

Enter via the links on the Inspire Races website.

What is the last date for deferrals and category transfers?

Deferrals and category changes can be done up to two weeks prior to the event.

Where do I pick up my t-shirt?

T-shirts are collected from the shop at registration.

Where can I put my bag and/or clothing I don’t want during the race?

There is a bag drop available at all Inspire Races events.

What time does my Race start?

Please visit the event website page to review the race schedule for up-to-date information.

What time do I need to get there?

Please get there one hour before race start time.

Are there any refreshments?

Refreshments will be available on the day from the catering facilities.

Where are the drinks stations?

Drink stations are every 5k.

Where can I collect my race pack?

Race packs to be collected from race registration on the day.

Are there any entries on the day?

Entries will be available on the day at an increased price if there is availability. Please check the website to see if event is sold out.

What happens if I arrive late and miss the start of the race?

As long as you are not later than 15minutes, we will let you run.

Where is the Chip in the Race Pack?

The timing tag is in the race pack. This will need to go on your shoe or it will already be attached to your bib.

Is parking available near the start?

Parking is available near the start.

Where should I go when I arrive?

Go registration pick up your race pack, you are then ready to run.

Do you have a bag drop area?

Yes, bag-drop will be situated near registration.

Do I get a medal?

Yes, you will get a medal.

Can I park nearby?

Yes, you can.

Will there be an award ceremony?

Yes, once the results have come in.

What if I need to retire?

If you do need to retire you will need to let us know via phone call to the number provided or by informing an official at a checkpoint. We can then log you out of the event. Please arrange your own transport back to your car. If you have difficulties doing this please call the number provided.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes – Dogs can be brought along on the challenge. All dogs nead to be kept on a lead as some of the areas the route meanders through is incredibly sensitive, from delicate flora to bird life which is very susceptible to disturbance. There is also an abundance of deer in the area which can be irresistible to even the most docile of canine companions!

How do I get to/from start/finish?

The Race info has all the details regarding parking and transport

What sort of shoes should I wear?

You should find a pair of shoes that fit eth activity and challenge you are looking to complete. If you are a runner a running shoes/trail show depending on the recent weather. You do want this to be a shoe that you are happy using and have trained in. If walking a walking shoe or a boot to give maximum support to your ankle. The trails are very solid and we do not have rock terrain, so either shoe would be suitable. Ensure that this is also the same as the show that you have been using to train in. This will help avoid blisters and comfort issues

How much will I need to train?

The Broads Walk Challenge is a tough event and training is essential to ensure that your body is up to the challenge. Training properly will ensure that you can cope with the distances and recover better. It will also help you enjoy the event to its maximum.

Can I change my distance?

Yes, you can change your distance. You will need to change this in your active account at Change of distance can be done at anytime up until race day.

What about food and nutrition?

Food and drink are included in your entry fee. We have checkpoints every 12.5km approximately. At checkpoints you will be able to get a variety of snacks from energy bars, energy drinks, teas, coffee, cakes and crisps. At the rest stops every 25km you will be able to get a larger meal such as a picnic lunch, soup or a hot pasta or chilli dish. At the finish line you will receive a celebratory lunch/dinner/ or breakfast. We will be catering for all diet needs and the catering will be tasty and high in energy.

I want to do the event but not sure of time

To get an idea of how long you may take, time yourself on a training walk and then refer to our pacing chart that can be seen here.

What do I need to carry?

We have compiled a required list of what to carry Runners List and Walkers List.
You will be required to wear the event lanyard, timing tag and high vis bib.

You will need to wear a high vis vest.
If you are camping or running we are happy to transport bags to the midway point at Dilham Campsite.

How do we navigate the route?

There is a google map on the event app that can be used to naivigate. This will be marked with the check points. GPX downloads can also be downloaded from here for the 90km, 50km, 25km. You will also be supplied with OS Maps covering the route that can be printed off. The route will also be clearly and fully signed with light blue directional arrows and the night time stages will be supplemented with reflective tape.

Walking at Night?

The Route is fully signed with Broads Walk Arrows and from the Aylsham train station you are following the Weavers way all the way back to Acle, which has sign posts and pink markers laid out by Norfolk Trails . The Night stages will have reflective tape along the way. You will also be required to wear a headtorch a reflective bib and hold a hand torch whilst on the roads. We require a buddy system at night, therefore we will ask you to wait at a checkpoint for a walking companion. This could be a fellow challenger or one of our team of walker/marshalls.

What if I get lost at night?

The Route is fully signed with Broads Walk Arrows and from the Aylsham train station you are following the Weavers way all the way back to Acle, which has sign posts and pink markers laid out by Norfolk Trails. You will be required to download the App to help us track you throughout the day. This also means friends and family can track you as well. The App can be downloaded Google Play , App Store. We will also be using an electronic timing system at the checkpoints. If you do not have a smart phone, please let us know as we will track you using the electronic tag system only. You will always be required to carry a phone and a backup charger . We will have charging points at rest stations available for your use.

Where can I find a map of the route?

The route maps can be seen on this webpage.
A map highlighting facilities can be seen here.
You will also be emailed a map to print off prior to the challenge.